Concentric provides extensive analysis, negotiation and testimony services to determine causation and responsibility for delays, disruptions and damages. We routinely assist clients with change order proposals, discovery issues, legal filings, and settlement negotiations. We utilize Critical Path Methodology, which is not only recognized as the industry standard, it is required by Federal Courts and many other jurisdictions.

First, we interview project personnel and thoroughly analyze available schedules, daily reports, correspondence, timesheets, requests for information, and all other relevant project documentation. By comparing as-planned and as-built schedules, we identify the project’s critical path, the delays that impacted project completion, and the party responsible for each delay.

Subsequently, we assist with discovery issues, electronic document production, litigation support, and graphical presentations for use during settlement negotiations. If necessary, we prepare a comprehensive expert report that sets forth our opinions regarding the issues in dispute. We also provide deposition testimony and assist with depositions of project personnel and other expert witnesses.

Finally, if settlement cannot be reached, our professionals provide testimony in many different forums, including arbitrations, dispute resolution boards, mediations, and trials. In addition to testimony, we often utilize visual aids and slide presentations to communicate the complex issues associated with the case. We understand the legal precedents and industry standards required for effective expert testimony on issues ranging from typical construction problems to complex government contract matters.